Dare to be one small voice


Last updated 5/15/2008 at Noon

Regarding responses to a previous letter on risks associated with homosexual behavior – comparisons to smoking and obesity bring to mind the old adage, “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

Smoking is neither celebrated nor accorded special days of silence or recognition in the schools and workplace. Public schools don’t provide obese students with support groups to encourage them to “come out” about their desire to overeat. Obese people and smokers have not lobbied to ensure that textbooks present their unhealthy behaviors positively, nor are they working overtime to bestow legitimacy on their behavior by insisting on a redefinition of civilization’s fundamental institution. Smokers and the obese do not attempt to silence discussion of the facts by accusing those who present them: (1) of advocating the restriction of personal choices, (2) lacking compassion or (3) unchristian attitudes.

However, the systematic and persistent dissemination of lies and suppression of truth about homosexuality has accomplished these things. The fear of being labeled intolerant or hateful has made us so foolish we even allow the deception of (vulnerable) children. For example, in some school districts, children are encouraged in sex ed. classes to explore their sexual preferences (if they think they are exclusively heterosexual).

The courage to say “the emperor has no clothes” is what’s needed now if our nation is going to escape the fate of every nation in history that has normalized homosexuality. Dare to be one small voice.

Margot Holman


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