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Shady Grove gets okay to reduce home sizes

The request for a Major Use Permit modification by KB Homes to change their architectural plans for single-family residences in the Shady Grove Development was approved in a split decision by the Fallbrook Community Planning Group (FCPG) during their regular meeting September 15.

KB Homes’ major use permit modification would impact the Shady Grove Development at Stage Coach and Gum Tree lanes by introducing three additional home types to the six home types already approved by the FCPG.

The three new floorplans are significantly smaller in total square footage and will incorporate two new architectural themes, cottage and French country. The three new home types will feature 1690, 1,997 and 2,274 square feet and have the option to include a detached three-car garage.

Out of the 101 lots within the Shady Grove development, only 40 homes were built in accordance with the initial plan that offered homes from 2,600 to 3,500 square feet. KB Homes requested a modification to the existing Major Use Permit, saying there was no longer a market for larger-size homes given the current economic climate.

This past March, concerned homeowners became worried that the development they had bought into was going to lose value if smaller-sized homes were substituted in the plan. Some of the homeowners called the FCPG to alert the board of the fact that the developer had stated the intent to make significant changes to the original plan. Those who had already purchased homes in the development said they felt there was still a demand for large, luxury homes.

In an attempt to keep the existing homeowners happy as well as meet the requirements of the FCPG board, KB Homes modified the plan slightly and added a second entrance to the development that would lead to the smaller homes.

At the meeting, KB Homes representative Eric Scheck presented the FCPG board with renderings that showed that the proposed homes would look very similar to the larger homes when viewing them from the front and would only be noticeably smaller when viewing them from the rear.

Despite the alteration to the front views of the homes, current Shady Grove residents remain concerned about having smaller, less expensive homes in their neighborhood, saying it would turn the area into a “development without any personality.” They asked the FCPG board to deny the permit modification.

However, FCPG board members said they were “pleased” with the modifications made to the homes, as well as offering the option of a three-car garage to future buyers. The board enquired as to whether or not KB would build a larger, original home design if a buyer requested it, but Scheck said they would not.

In order to try and appease the Shady Grove homeowners, board members asked Scheck if KB Homes would consider not building the smallest size home, which has 1,690 square feet. Scheck said KB Homes would not agree to that.

Jim Russell, FCPG chairman, said it was interesting to see how the economics have changed in a few years and recalled that when KB Homes began working on the development, the company refused to build smaller homes in the area, stating there was more money to be made in building larger homes.

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