Let the Democrats run the country


Last updated 9/25/2008 at Noon

Reagan’s words: “Ask yourself, ‘Am I better off today than eight years ago?’” Since 2001, unemployment went from 4.6 percent to 6.1 percent and will hit seven percent soon.

Three years of Clinton surpluses and economic growth went to seven years of deficits. Twenty-two million job creations under Clinton went to only five million under Bush.

National debt went from $5 trillion to $10 trillion. That will haunt your children and your grandchildren for decades.

Gasoline went from $2 to almost $5. The dollar is at the lowest point in history. An elective war costs $10 billion per month and Bin Ladin is still free. Our military is the weakest it has ever been.

Uninsured health figure went from 29 million to 48 million. The failure of almost a dozen of the most respected investment banks and insurance institutions has critically damaged 75 million pensions.

Republicans and McCain and Palin continue to repeat that the economy is healthy and Graham, his chief economic advisor, advises that Americans are whining. Can there be any doubt? Now it’s time to let Dems run the country for a while.

Jerry Sarnataro


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