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Do Not Reelect Crouch

The following opinion piece appeared as a paid advertisement in the Opinion section.

The Fallbrook Community Planning Group (“FCPG”) has some hard working members who do an outstanding job of digging deep into the issues and protecting our community. Such was the case at their November 20, 2006 regular meeting when I expressed concerns about the proposed location of a cellular telephone tower by citing an unusual public safety issue. While the cellular representative maintained that the FCPG had no authority to hear my concerns, I argued the opposite and the planning group took my view seriously.

There was complete agreement among the FCPG members that further study was needed and it was so moved, passing unanimously. Vice Chair Harry Christiansen, presiding over the meeting in the absence of Chair Jim Russell, directed John Crouch, Chair of the Public Facilities Committee (“PFC”), to gather his committee and meet with the cellular representative and me and to report back to the FCPG.

What happened next is almost beyond belief. Mr. Crouch did not do as directed. Despite my inquiries, there was no PFC meeting scheduled for December 2006, January 2007 or February 2007, and when March 2007 rolled around this cellular case still wasn’t on the agenda. I again called Mr. Crouch and was essentially told that this was the end of the road for my concerns. There would be no hearing. In short, Mr. Crouch, and as I later learned, Mr. Russell, had made a private decision, ignoring the unanimous directive of the FCPG to continue the hearing process.

We don’t need local officials who push issues off the radar scope when directed to do otherwise. We need representatives that will stand up for Fallbrook. Fortunately, I was able to make my case before the San Diego County Planning Commission and the cellular application was withdrawn. I urge you not to reelect John Crouch. He’s the one up for reelection now. Your case and your concerns could be next to vanish from view. I urge you not to reelect John Crouch.

Robert F. Gonsett


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