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RE: 'Director Griffiths must go' [Letter, Village News, 10/9/08]

In a recent letter, Helene Brazier leveled a charge that Director Jack Griffiths of the Rainbow Water District was not fit to continue as a director.

Director Griffiths has exposed unneeded projects such as Helene Brazier’s vote to spend $750,000 of ratepayer’s money on a very small pump station called Vallecitos.

Griffiths did not support the motion. He showed that only a few thousand dollars in maintenance was all that was needed to renew the station. This has been done and the pump station is now back online.

Director Griffiths, a licensed professional engineer with a lifetime of experience with pumps, understood very well that the $750,000 was simply an unneeded extravagant expenditure. The board of directors, after Griffiths’ exposé of the wasteful project, has sent it back for review.

Brazier may very well feel embarrassed over championing her version of Griffiths’ waste, and her allegations of incompetence, but striking back is not an answer and saying Griffiths should go is akin to “shooting the messenger.”

We would all do well to listen to Jack in the future. We owe him many thanks for saving hundreds of thousands of dollars of ratepayer money.

Jack’s opponent is not an engineer and has no background in water/waste water systems. She is a total “fly weight” compared to Jack’s qualifications for the director position.

Vote for Jack and keep the reform rolling!

Bud Swanson


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