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Congressman Issa, does my reality interfere with your philosophy?

Elaine May once said, “I much prefer a moral dilemma to a real one.” Our Congressman Darrell Issa is having a moral dilemma: any constructive plans to get the American people out the economic mess we’re now struggling with is rejected because it is contrary to Republican orthodox “philosophy.” We’ve seen the fruits of this philosophy, which consists of deregulation, trickledown, tax cuts for the wealthy, capital gains tax cuts, one-time handouts and more tax cuts. Given our recent experience, to say that his “philosophy” doesn’t work grossly overstates its efficacy.

On the other hand, most of the rest of us are having a real dilemma trying to stand firm on an economy that is quicksand. Congressman “Just Say No” Issa is wringing his hands because the Recovery Bill is imperfect. People who are paralyzed waiting for the perfect are likely to still be living in their mom’s basement at the age of 47. We need you to act, Congressman Issa!

BTW, did you catch Issa embarrassing himself on David Schuster’s show ranting about the Recovery Bill’s non-existent “Train to Sin City” project? A philosophy is not supposed to be a soothing intellectual construct signifying nothing. It’s an attempt to capture reality in a system of rational thought. When a philosophy demonstrably fails the real world test, it has to be scrapped. Otherwise it’s not a philosophy; it’s just blind faith.

Anna Monday


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