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New trash cans added to Pico Promenade

FALLBROOK — Those who have walked down the Pico Promenade recently may have been pleasantly surprised.

The four-block-long walkway extends from Fallbrook Street to Elder, along the creek bed that parallels Main, and is lined with benches, trees and native shrubs.

The Fallbrook Beautification Alliance (FBA) has donated black and green trash cans for the promenade.

The cost of the cans is one of the many projects made possible by money raised at the FBA’s annual July Fourth Fireworks Celebration Fundraiser.

Like many community-driven projects in Fallbrook, the Pico Promenade is supported by numerous hardworking groups.

Save our Forest, a division of the Fallbrook Land Conservancy, drove the effort to plant trees and native shrubs on the creek side of the path, in conjunction with Fallbrook schools.

The businesses that line the west side of the promenade have each designed and maintained their own properties, providing a varied study of landscape down the path.

Russ Heyneman led the installation of the new trash cans, as well as five comfortable resting benches that border the path.

Since 2000, every Friday at 7:30 a.m. Jean and Jim Dooley and Julia Bailon meet on the promenade to remove trash from the creek bed and surrounding landscape, empty the trashcans and clean up messes left by dogs and their walkers.

On occasion, they are assisted by Care-Rite and other community service groups.

“I don’t know what my Fridays would be like if we didn’t begin our day here,” said Jean Dooley with a laugh, “but it might be fun to find out!” To do that, however, she will need a back-up.

Those who have not traveled this stretch of Fallbrook are encouraged to check it out, use the new trash cans and stop to say hello to fellow residents wearing wading boots, picking trash out of bushes and working to beautify the unique creek bed.

To make a contribution to the FBA or volunteer to help with this effort, visit


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