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A big thank you!

From time to time we get reminders of how many nice people there are all around us. Last Saturday my wife and I took a nasty fall -we are 88 and 86, and it’s easy to do- going to our car after dining at a restaurant. Luckily, neither of us was hurt seriously but this was not initially known.

Immediately a man was there offering whatever help was needed and then others came. We were momentarily dazed and the assistance was very comforting. The restaurant called the paramedics and my wife was taken to the Rancho Springs emergency room in Murrieta. One couple went with us to provide assurance that we were being adequately cared for.

We are so thankful for the kindness we were shown and wish we could thank all the nice people personally. In the confusion of the instance one hardly thinks about getting names. All you kind people know who you are and we thank you!

We also received excellent care in the emergency room, for which we are also thankful. It seemed to me that they were overstaffed but I am not knowledgeable enough to know if that was so. Perhaps that staffing level is necessary to provide their patients the attention that is needed.

There was no indication of a shortage of adequate health care. How this fits into the current health care overhaul that is mired in congress is hard for me to assess.

Glen Holzhausen


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