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Financial reform is needed

I see a softening of my party’s adamant antagonism towards financial reform. I think common sense is beginning to prevail amongst our GOP leadership.

I personally don’t believe in outright government control over every little thing our banks and Wall Street do to improve their profit margins, but I do believe, as a good Republican, that we should insist that never again should large financial institutions be allowed to operate undercover, to the detriment of the general tax-paying public!

I won’t get into the details of the Goldman-Sachs tragedy; I don’t have the facts, and neither do you. Sufficient to say that the uncontrolled sale of derivatives and toxic assets should never have been allowed to happen and permanent government oversight (with teeth) over these practices should be part of the financial reform package.

Friends of both parties, it isn’t enough that our only concern with our investments is whether they are profitable or not, it’s about how moral were the decisions that led to their profits? Think about it.

Robert F. Green


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