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Who dictates pro-Liberty quarry letters?

When you see a pro-Liberty quarry letter in the newspaper, do you ever wonder if it actually comes from a “grassroots” supporter or is it simply “paid advertising?”

Several recent letters aroused my curiosity, so I managed to gather together 15 of these letters and read them carefully. With a few exceptions, I noticed an interesting pattern.

One could even say the phrases and words chosen were like those you would see in say marketing brochures, speeches, or consultant’s reports – in other words, professional correspondence.

Suspicious, I found a book entitled “Words That Sell.” As I searched the chapters on “strategy to sell yourself,” I was not surprised to find phrase after phrase that had appeared in these letters – some duplicated in several letters.

Is this a coincidence? Could the people writing in defense of a quarry all work in the ‘professional’ fields – lawyers, consultants, and the like? Have you heard of PR?

What did those people writing the letters have to gain? Think about it.

Go to and find out what real grassroots support is. Then, become a part of it!

Jerri Arganda



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