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The tale of two Americas


Last updated 10/15/2020 at 5:43pm

“We the People,” just three words boldly written by our founders in the Constitution defining us, reminding us of our shared national origin. A people of many faces from many places but ultimately bound together by our shared ideals.

For the first time in history, government's power is restricted and emanates from the governed's consent. Never before had individual rights been so coveted and cherished with absolute preference over government decrees and edicts, indeed a unique experiment of epic proportions.

With unprecedented foresight, the founders codified the precept of individual rights that allowed ordinary men from humble beginnings to carve out their future and control their destinies. Freedom and liberty were to become the hallmark of our new nation, and these uniquely American concepts would prove to sustain us, nurture us, and guide our pathway for the next 245 years.

Has our history been perfect? Certainly not, but we have always returned to our founding principles when we have strayed from our moral moorings. Over our checkered past, America is not without sin, but we are a people who are resolute in righting injustice.

By far, our legacy is one of a nation that has been more benevolent than maleficent, more compassionate than inhumane, and more endearing and forgiving than any other country on the face of the earth. But regrettably, this opinion of America is not readily shared by our citizens on the left today.

No, the new Democratic party, hardly recognizable from its former self, is mired in their hatred of our heritage and their disdain for our founding fathers. Today's Democratic party has constructed a new vision for America, embracing collectivism and authoritarianism while openly expressing a deep hostility for individual rights, capitalism, self-reliance, Christianity, the sanctity of life, and even the essence of Americanism itself.

Over the past several months, we have witnessed the anarchists of the left burning, looting and plundering Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, and other Democratic-controlled cities. We have stood silent for the most part while our nation's statues have been defaced and torn down, and while our flag has been desecrated and burned by the "social justice" mobs.

We watch in disbelief as members of the Democratic Party's socialist paramilitary groups, ANTIFA and BLM, disrespect, spit on, assault, injure and in some cases, murder police officers in Democratic city enclaves across the country.

In pursuit of political revenge and for their perceived political advantage, Democratic mayors and governors openly encouraged the anarchists to amplify their carnage while at the same time denying law enforcement the tools to quell the many despicable acts of property destruction and looting.

At last count, the assessed damage to small businesses, government buildings, police vehicles, etc. is over $100 billion. And yet the Democratic leaders and their always compliant and obedient media claim that the "social justice protesters" were mostly peaceful?

And then there is the Biden-Harris presidential ticket, or is it the Harris-Biden ticket? Democrats proudly poised to remake our society, brazenly obsessing over their ruinous socialistic nirvana. Demanding the end of fossil fuels, promising open borders, and gleefully threatening reparations.

Hell-bent on ending capitalism while secretly planning political retribution for Republicans and for all those that dare to oppose their will. While at the same time, the Dems tout the defunding, dismantling and reimagining of law enforcement.

Yet all these socialistic prescriptions are antithetical to American principles, our values and our founder's intentions. Indeed the Biden-Harris presidential campaign motto that best represents their true intentions is "Vote for Biden & Harris for tyranny and injustice for all."

Without a doubt, the Democrats' vision for the country is dispiriting, divisive, dismissive of our values, and especially contemptuous of the middle class, who work diligently to support their families and improve their station in life.

For decades the middle class has been a target of the left's ire because they refuse to submit to the Dems socialistic dogma. And because they cannot control the middle class, the left's antipathy toward them is riddled with resentment and a deeply seeded hatred for them. So not surprisingly, the "American Dream" is under assault, and our shared story is at risk of ending with calamitous consequences if we choose to turn our backs on our shared heritage and the promises made to us by our founding fathers.

So, this election comes down to one of monumental importance. We are but one election away from losing our freedom and becoming just another oppressed people in history.

On Nov. 3, we will decide to renew the American compact as conceived, fought for and promised by our founders. "We the People" must reject the Democrat's un-American and cataclysmic socialistic vision for America.

"We the People" can and must secure our way of life, protect Christianity and the unborn, and advance capitalism. We must continue to promote self-reliance, preserve and respect law enforcement, ensure a burgeoning middle class, and secure our borders.

If we resist tyranny and embrace these bold initiatives, our descendants will forever be indebted to us for "saving America's future."

So I'm calling on all our nation's patriots, Libertarians, moderates, Christians, conservatives, Republicans and like-minded Democrats to reclaim our birthright by voting to reelect President Donald J. Trump and by voting for all the Republican candidates across our great country on Nov. 3.

Dave Maynard


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