Re: 'Trusted journalism' [Village News, Letter, 1/21/21]

To Julie Reeder, Publisher


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I am writing this letter to you after reading the article "Trusted Journalism." I will attempt to be civil and not lower my submission to the level of an incompetent as was clearly evident in the writer's narrative. I don't know the writer and most likely would, by chance, observe his contribution to society during a riot or other discourse. I trust his parents are wondering why their son has gone astray.

I am proud that we have a publisher with backbone, who does not hinder free speech. The fact that the article was not returned to the writer or thrown into an appropriate refuse container says volumes about you and the newspaper.

I am older than many of your readers and possibly younger than some. I can't speak for all, but I can say we have lived, loved and endured. It really doesn't matter about your political affiliation, whether Liberal, Conservative, Republican or Democrat, we all wanted to be free and to pursue whatever level of sophistication we desired.

Some of us are still in pursuit of our goal in life and are dismayed at the attitudes and actions of the younger generation that we brought into this world. There is a clear unobstructed view of something good that we fostered in our children that has evolved into something hard to understand or that is completely opposite of our long standing ideals and beliefs.

The article's writer has revealed that he has lost his ability for independent thought. He is obviously kicking the can down the road in hopes someone more intelligent picks it up for deposit into a refuse container. The unfortunate fact of life, presently, is that we are being forced to listen to news outlets that also parrot the writer's view relative to a rather different brand of successful leadership.

The prior president was a strong leader, "yes" but a seasoned politician, "no." He owed no political favor which would have restrained his achievements. As a strong leader, he ruffled a cadre of political figures as one might expect. The 2016 election ended with his victory. His representation of our nation against adversarial countries was clearly effective. The sad part is forthcoming with the current political hacks attacking or reversing the gains we have welcomed via his leadership. The political posturing toward the extreme edge of reasonable intelligent leadership has been achieved with the recent elections.

How do we excuse electing a person hiding his mental difficulty? We that have had dementia victims in our family could clearly see his unfortunate illness revealed during his few public appearances and speeches. Was there a conspiracy to hide this issue from the voters? I doubt our new president did all that was required to pull the wool over our eyes. He had a lot of help to do so. Why be afraid of the truth? Why aren't our politicians seeking the persons involved in this obvious conspiracy?

Ask yourself, what president ever delivered on all of his political promises? What elected president did not put up with mediocre performance of persons given responsibilities? What president did not accept a salary for his presidency?

If you watched the Impeachment activity did you see particular political figures in the limelight pushing their agenda, with zeal? Where is or was the proof espoused by Pelosi, Schiff or Schumer about any accusation against the prior president? They claimed to have irrefutable proof.

The mainstream gutter news outlets like CNN, CBS, ABC, Washington Post and others supported false inflammatory charges of collusion, conspiracy and "other high crimes and misdemeanors" against the former president without cause or substance.

The news reporting during our youth may have been biased, but not to the current degree we hear and see. Social media is also very prominent in the spread of false misleading accusations. With the onslaught of constant turmoil, it was quite a feat, for the prior president to have been as successful as he was. Wake up America. A nursery rhyme, "The Emperor's New Clothes," should be mandatory reading. It is most likely we could find ourselves standing alone nude as did the Emperor.

The new breed of politicians and the old stale politicians, who are more interested in their wellbeing, have placed us in a Third World environment. The prior president was on point indicating the need to drain the swamp. I might have been more direct by saying "drain the odorous septic tank." This would be a bit different because those of us who have had septic tank issues know the smell remains for a while after the repair or maintenance has been completed.

The prior president relied on advisors, who should have been dumped with the other trash. The disruptive actions powered by one political faction hindered the prior president's activity to accomplish the removal of the people who remained and still supported his predecessor's political agenda.

If voters were paying attention and considered the volume of baseless unsubstantiated accusations, which by design were used to interfere with the duly elected president's performance, we most probably would have reelected the president.

You had to be brainwashed or really inattentive to not see and understand that there was an insurrection attempt by the Democrats. The impeachment of our president was a sham, and the Democrats are going after him again even though doing so is likely illegal.

Their impeachment efforts were and are clearly political and without merit. I don't see a way to hold Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff accountable other than via the ballot box during their effort to be reelected.

Publisher, you can do whatever you wish with this letter. I am not a skilled writer and admit it. I have so much to say and have addressed some of my concerns in this letter. I again wish to thank you for being someone with backbone in these uncertain times and political climate.

William Winn


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