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Over 20 years ago, I was managing a 24-hour business in town. During the night, the water heater decided it was no longer going to function. What fun, right?

So, I contacted a man named Ed Shobe of Shobe Plumbing. I was amazed that he arrived within 10 minutes. I was impressed with what happened next.

He popped right out of his work vehicle and identified himself with just the biggest smile. So, where is this water heater? I recalled him asking and I imagined in a tone of voice that mocked a medieval knight about to face battle. Too much fun. (Fun Fact: Do you know King Arthur’s last name? Pendragon. He was the sovereign of the knightly fellowship of the Round Table. Who knew?)

Well, Mr. Shobe examined the beast of a water heater, fixed the issue, returned to the front office where I waited only briefly and said, it’s fixed, explained the issue it had and said, “No charge,” as he left the lobby, happy and off to save the world, I was sure.

Fast forward: In my house, (my home is my family), I was informed we had a plumbing issue. I smiled as I knew who I was going to call. I was greeted with a very busy man, who identified himself as Ed’s son, Craig. Guess what? He fit us into his schedule. Within about a half hour’s time, the problem was repaired and at a more than decent price, I shall add. A staffer named Chris came out and was so easy going, competent and understood well, the meaning of not wasting time, his or his customers. Thank you, Chris.

My point is that we are most blessed to have some businesses here who take care of business, have pride in ownership and serve Fallbrook well. Shobe Plumbing is on that list. Kudos.

Ruth Noyes


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