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Lies, spies, and the allies of the Democrat Party

Have you ever noticed how easy it is for Democrats to lie through their teeth? It's as if the dishonesty gene was impregnated in their DNA at conception. Lies conceived in a cauldron of hatred, fear, and hyperbole, feeding us with ladles full of political foolery. They binge on supposition and innuendo, spinning webs of deceit, creating a culture of half-truths and mistruths. A Leninist ruse meant to demoralize some, distract others, and crush any attempt to impede their voracious appetite for unbridled power. Are there no limits to the Democrats’ subterfuge and chicanery?

Biden likes to blame Putin for causing the hyperinflation and for our heartburn at the gas pumps. And when he's not distorting the facts himself, he enlists DHS Secretary Mayorkas to amuse us with his fictional platitudes like our southern border has never been more secure. And who believes one word from Karina Jean Pierre's cringe-worthy moments like when she tries to explain away the root causes of baby formula shortages or her tepid reassurances that our economy has never been better?

Transitory inflation has now morphed into a venomous serpent called hyperinflation. The Dems ruling class scoffs at anyone who dares to warn us of the foreboding and unforgiving recession that is indeed upon us. Flagrant omissions with few solutions for the implausible outcomes of their making. And yet, they lack humility and are without empathy for the misery they have unleashed on us.

Masters of deceit and deception, the Dems can manipulate facts with the finesse of a virtuoso playing a Stratovarius; they bend the strings of truth, plucking every note with the ease of a candlemaker molding wax or a Murano artisan blowing glass. Impervious to our needs, they march undeterred, mesmerized by the "Red Sun Rising," goose-stepping in unison, eager to reach their final solution of political prominence and tyrannical dominance.

With sails full of hot air always brimming with bluster, these leftist voyagers set course to find a new world order. Where a handful of elitists, the exalted few, rise to the pinnacles of power as the nascent royals of the 21st Century's ruling class. These condescending erudite types will then dictate the terms of what we may say and how we can live our lives.

A new "Amerika" will emerge with little resemblance to its former self, where freedom is buried beneath the rubble of heavy-handed federal bureaucracies. If they succeed in this insidious plot, our country will become yet another godless place, where absolute loyalty and obedience to the state transcends our very existence, ultimately replacing all traces of our faith.

Gone is the Democrat party of Camelot, where the illuminating promises of JFK were once sought. Today's Democrat party is built on a foundation of lies, layers of deep-state spies, and the duplicity of their corporate and media allies. It's the trappings and the excesses of power they desire for which they are all too eager to conspire. Today's Democrat Party has devolved into the purveyors of mistruths, the merchants of denial and distortions, and the unholy arbiters of a never-ending parade of untruths.

Dave Maynard


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