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Responding to John H. Terrell's ongoing letters

I think I will use the liberal actor Alec Baldwin as an example, since he has similar beliefs as J.H.T.

Take the Rust shooting incident on Oct. 21, 2021, with actor Baldwin. He said on a T.V. interview, he only pulled the hammer back. He did not pull the trigger and would never point a gun at anyone. Also he said someone is to blame for the shooting, but it’s not him.

Let’s break this down a little. There were many safety violations on the set, including using the guns for the movie with live ammo for target practice. We must all remember that Baldwin was one of the producers of the movie and the producers are responsible for safety on the set.

On this movie, they cut corners and the armorer/safety officer was given two jobs on the set. The veteran actor is 63 years old and he knows before doing any scene or rehearsal with a firearm, it must be reviewed by the armorer and Baldwin knows the only one handing him a firearm is the armorer, and everything is reviewed by the armorer. Baldwin did not follow SOPs. Baldwin, who is an anti gun nut, also broke all the gun safety rules!

The FBI recently tested the gun and found it worked normally and not defectively. Baldwin did not treat a real gun with respect.

1. He did not see if the gun was loaded with real ammo or blanks or dummy ammo.

2. He did not point the gun in a safe direction.

3. He should have never touched the gun without the armorer’s permission and presence.

4. The discharge happened because he was careless and pulled the trigger.

Yes, there were many violations on the set of the movie, yet Baldwin claimed 0% responsibility. He sounds like he is the main victim.

Time will tell if Baldwin will ever be charged with any criminal charges. Most likely he will be charged civilly by the family.

Liberals will claim it’s the gun’s fault or others are to blame, just like Baldwin is doing now.

John Terrell will probably claim that I don’t know what I’m talking about but, Mr. Terrell, I do have vast knowledge of cowboy guns.

Yes, it’s just Baldwin who is delusional.

The more lies they tell, the more likely they are to believe their own woke lies.

To Mr. Terrell, I support free speech and I believe you should continue writing illogical letters to the paper because it’s very entertaining.

David Stagg


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