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Questions needing answers

I have questions concerning current events that perhaps your readers can answer for me (John Terrell, please sit this one out, as I am concerned that your responses may involve unicorns and men who get pregnant):

On abortion:

Most women know if they are likely to engage in sex and certainly can take precautions: the “pill,” intrauterine device, foam, prophylactics, etc. If it happens without premeditation, there is such a thing as reaching over to your beside table and taking the morning after pill.

So, I have to ask, how thoroughly lazy and depraved would a woman have to be to prefer to undertake a life-threatening surgery (because all surgical procedures carry that risk), some weeks or months later? To choose to engage in what is essentially a murder of her own child rather than take one proactive step – involving an instant of her precious time – to prevent the onset of life? I find this incomprehensible.

On aid to Ukraine:

We are told that social security is nearing bankruptcy; why does this administration prefer to send $40 or 50 billion to Ukraine (and no one knows where that money ends up) but not devote a solitary billion to replenishing the social security funds they depleted many years ago?

On economic hard times:

Why is it that whenever a public utility, a city, a state or the federal government finds itself in financial straits, they do not undertake those steps generations of small business owners have taken to rectify financial reverses?

Those steps include 1) Stop spending more money than you can afford, 2) reduce salaries, 3) lay off superfluous employees and, most obviously, 4) reduce management’s salaries? Why is the knee jerk solution always to increase taxes and fees to the public they serve?

Judy Stanley


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JohnDBaptist writes:

I will refrain from rebutting the subject letter--until I see if the responses it gets are adequate in responding to its numerous deficiencies.