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It is time to fix California

Senator Brian Jones

40th District

I am humbled and grateful for reelection to the California State Senate. I am honored for the opportunity to continue serving the over 1 million residents of the Northern City of San Diego, and East and North San Diego County.

We are just getting started in our fight to fix California and return luster to our Golden State. The voters rightly expect California’s leaders to set aside political differences and tackle the many challenges we face.

Californians are best served by hard-working elected officials that put bipartisanship and the betterment of the community first. This philosophy is something I have always tried to adhere to in the past and I will carry over as the new Senate Minority Leader.

Thank you to my colleagues for their trust in my vision to lead our caucus. The former leader, Senator Wilk, has been a strong leader for this caucus as he has supported us in our communication, legislative, and constituent services in important ways.

Small businesses, middle class families and college-bound Californians move out of state every day with many of them never wanting or able to return because of the high cost of living, lack of affordable housing, and increasing property and violent crime in our state. As a sign of the severity of the issue, the moving company U-Haul ran out of trucks trying to meet the demand of those fleeing California.

It’s in situations such as this that we in the Minority Party will continue stepping up and offering alternative solutions that we think work better than the stale‚ big-government‚ Democrat Party knee-jerk standard responses.

I, and all the members of the California Senate Republican Caucus, have our sleeves rolled up and are ready to collaborate with our colleagues across the aisle to fix California. Now let’s all get to work!


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