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Making sense of the midterm elections

Once again, the pollsters, pundits, and political prognosticators got it wrong. The midterm election results were more like an ankle-slapper in a rainbow-colored kiddy pool than a crimson tsunami washing over the four corners of our country. With the stench of societal decay wafting in the air, somehow, the Democrats escaped near-certain political annihilation at the polls.

Despite the hyperinflation ravaging our economy, the protracted invasion at our southern border, and the unsettling hostilities in our cities, urban dwellers rejected the clarion call for change.

Masters at the art of political warfare, Democrats instinctively resorted to their usual game-day playbook, using non-sequiturs and ad hominem attacks to drive false narratives to blunt the Armageddon they were facing. Bragging rights belong to the abortion advocates whose attack ads carried the day. And, to a lesser extent, the college tuition forgiveness scheme that drove Gen-Zs to flock to the polls in mass.

For more than a week, Americans were denied closure as scores of races were still being counted. But then, with tabulating machines running out of ink, breaking down, and not enough ballots to go around, this election, like so many others, began to stink.

Sure, the Republicans were outspent two to one by Democrats, and in truth, the recent election law changes overwhelmingly favor Democrats. But besides the election tampering by Democrats and the millions of Soros and Zuckerberg's bucks spent, who else shares the blame for the GOP's lackluster results?

Let's start with Ronna McDaniel, the RNC's impoverished leader, who has presided over three consecutive election defeats. Add Liz Cheney to the mix of Republican apostates who viciously attacked President Trump in her trivial pursuit to salvage her father's waning legacy.

And who will soon forget the sniveling beta male extraordinaire, Adam Kinzinger, who joined the chorus line of Democrat wankers at the "January Six Inquisition." History will remember these embittered politicians for their irreverence towards President Trump and their disloyalty to the Republican Party!

But it's Senator McConnell, the Grand poobah of the Senate, who is to blame for our Senatorial defeats. McConnell withheld campaign funds from candidates, fearing a leadership challenge would ensue if the MAGA-endorsed candidates prevailed. Meanwhile, as this unforgiving economy burns a hole in our wallets and empties our bank accounts, McConnell, Pelosi, and Schumer are feasting in the great halls of prosperity, unscathed by the looming economic pressures that are crushing working-class Americans.

There were a few bright spots worth noting, albeit it may be premature to break out the Dom Perignon. Republicans now control the House of Representatives, receiving five million more votes than the Democrats. The Trump-backed Kevin Kiley won his House seat, giving Republicans the majority in the House, and sending Pelosi packing! Trump-endorsed JD Vance beat the odds, defeating Tim Ryan, and is now the newly elected Senator from Ohio.

MAGA phenomenon Lauren Boebert retained her House seat in Colorado's Third Congressional District despite the millions spent to bring about her defeat. And whether she wins her legal challenges or not, Kari Lake has surfaced as a household name synonymous with the MAGA movement.

Kudos to Alaska's Sara Chuybaca and Michigander's Tudor Dixon for their valiant efforts. And lest we not forget, conservatives won numerous races in our local elections, which bodes well for our community's future.

One final thought: For once, wouldn't it be nice to have a clean election without Democrats contaminating the process and tampering with the results? But then, how would they win?

Merry Christmas, Patriots.

Dave Maynard


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