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Bon Voyage, Bro! Re: Terrell's letters

Quite frankly, "JT," I didn't want to engage in a rhetorical food fight with you because your letters are filled with redundancy, overflowing with inaccuracies and not compelling enough to spark my interest, much less warrant a reply from me. But with your constant haranguing and ad hominem attacks aimed at me, I've decided it's about time to take you to the wordsmith woodshed!

I fully understand why you have contempt for my letters considering your contrarian disposition, aversion to the truth, and inability to write one word of substantive content. But then, your Party has been feeding you spoonfuls of political pablum for so long you have lost the ability to decipher reality from fantasy or fact from fiction. To your credit, though, you are the consummate defender of the indefensible policies of your Party. You've become a truth denier "extraordinaire!"

My wife thinks you have a man crush on me. I don't subscribe to her theory, but I understand why someone might believe that. After all, you toadies on the dark side of the political spectrum struggle with your gender dysphoria issues and are unquestionably at war with masculinity. By the way, most conservatives don't give a damn if you "Walk on the Wild Side" with Lou Reed; just leave our kids alone!

For the record, it was the toxic masculinity of the members of the 75th Ranger Regiment that scaled the 100-foot cliffs at Normandy to bring the fight to the Third Reich. And it was the toxic masculinity of the U.S. Marines that defeated Hirohito's infantry on the island of Iwo Jima after five weeks of intense fighting before raising Ole Glory to signal to the world the end of Japanese militarism.

Now, back to business, my 15-year-old grandson read one of your recent letters last weekend and asked me if a fifth-grader penned it. I explained that Mr. Terrell writes with an adolescent flair in his gratuitous attempt to pretend to be relevant, even though his words betray his ambitions and sadly demonstrate how utterly irrelevant he has become.

I'm worried about you, Bro. Maybe, instead of hurling pejoratives at me, you should take a vacation to clear the cobwebs from your head. Were you aware of the new cruise line that offers trips to the Marxist trifecta in Latin America? It leaves Managua on an electrically powered banana boat following a riveting lecture on the historical significance of the Sandinista Revolution by President Daniel Ortega.

While cruising in the pristine waters of the Caribbean en route to Havana, Harry Belafonte, the self-described communist and a distant cousin of "Calypso Louie," will sing his 50's hit "Day O-daylight comin', me wanna go home." Lecturer and Obama confidant, the aging American-hating Reverend Wright, will fill your days with his inciteful and spiteful dissertation hyping the asymmetrical axioms of Marxism. Bro, this is right up your alley!

Upon arriving in Havana, you will experience firsthand the long-term consequences of socialism. You will see the surge of poverty that occurs when cronyism replaces free-market capitalism and feel the anguish that ensues when Marxism extinguishes the Jeffersonian flames of freedom.

After two sweltering days without air conditioning, you will arrive at your final destination, Venezuela. Explore this once-vibrant country and learn how Hugo Chavez destroyed a thriving middle class by stealing elections, corrupting the judicial system, and arresting his political rivals. Sound familiar?

One final thought: Maybe you and your Sandinista pals at the DNC should live in a socialist hellhole like Cuba or Venezuela before you dismantle our country and impose your Marxist will on the rest of us!

"Bon Voyage, Bro!"

Dave Maynard


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