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Changing Times in Real Estate: Springing forward

Ahh yes! I have always enjoyed Daylight Savings Time. Other than losing an hour’s sleep and having a tough time getting to church on Sunday morning, everything else is good. More daylight in the evening means more time to enjoy our wonderful evenings outdoors.

Also, it reminds me of the changing seasons and warmer weather is coming. For all of us Realtors, it gives us more evening time for showings, so folks can sometimes take a look at properties after work. Also, more daylight hours for open houses, photo shoots, and just more daylight hours to accomplish all the needed tasks for getting our listed homes ready for market.

In California, we voted overwhelmingly to approve Proposition 7, an initiative to permanently adopt daylight savings time. That vote coupled with the Senate's unanimous approval of The Sunshine Protection Act last year could lead the way for permanent daylight savings time with the President's approval.

Long thought that the change was to give farmers and truck drivers more daylight hours for work, the reality seems to be it was for saving electricity. There is so much to read and debate about this subject, but the above represents my thoughts about it. We all can, of course, decide for ourselves.

It also represents, in our area, a focus on more homes coming to market. It is definitely when our greenery, views and entire area look the best. We love taking drone shots of all of the amazing views, wineries and countryside our area has to offer.

It is also a time for spring cleaning, freshening up our yards and doing home improvements. When you are planning on doing these improvements, it is always a good idea to have your trusted local real estate expert as a resource. They will be filled with valuable resources for you to use, and offer sound advice on what may be the best areas to focus on for enhanced value of your home.

All of us at Ken Follis and Sharon Robinson Group are available to offer any advice you may desire. We also have a source of referrals for all different kinds of projects based on your needs.

Oh, one last thing, as the chosen Lifestyle and Real Estate Experts for our area on American Dream TV, we would love to know if you, or anyone you know would like their home or business featured on a future segment. We are proud of this designation and want to share all our amazing community has to offer.

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