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Re: Re: 'Revisiting Reparations' [Village News, Maynard letter, 4/27/23]

In spite of a well-documented history to the contrary, Maynard would have you believe that the current Republican and Democratic Parties are exactly like they were in the 1860’s.

Here’s the truth: "The Democratic and Republican Parties have not always had the same ideals that they have today. In fact, America's two dominant political parties have essentially flipped ideologies in the time since they were founded."

"In its early years, the Republican Party was considered quite liberal, while the Democrats were known for staunch conservatism. This is the exact opposite of how each party would be described today. This change did not happen overnight, however. Instead, it was a slow set of changes and policies that caused the great switch." (Students of History). For source, search on “The Great Switch: How the Republican & Democratic Parties Flipped Ideologies.”

The Encyclopedia Britannica has a nicely detailed history of the swap. For source, search on “Encyclopedia Britannica Democratic-Republican Party History & Ideology.”

For a further reality check, use your own eyes. The states that seceded to form the Confederacy were: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Today, eight of those states are solidly red (Republican). Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia are in transition.

An interesting parallel in the political swap between the Democratic and Republican Parties is that in the Civil War era, the Democratic Party was irreparably split ideologically (abolitionist versus pro-slavery). Today, it is the Republican Party that is irreparably split ideologically (conservative versus extreme right).

John H. Terrell


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