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Flag Day & June Gloom

Are any traditionalists out there tired of the rainbow-pride flags, and now, trans-flags being shoved down our throats in the month of June? They are drowning out the Grads and the Dads.

Growing up, June was the month of brides – traditional brides and traditional marriage – hence the term, "June Bride." Also, growing up, we learned that the rainbow was God's miracle in addition to His promise never to flood the earth again. See Genesis 9:11-17. Incidentally, I've owned a rainbow-colored umbrella before it was stolen as the homosexual pride symbol. My, how God is mocked.

Thirdly, growing up, I remember when a baby was born and the sex was revealed, pink was for girls and blue was for boys to celebrate and differentiate the two sexes. Think "Little Boy Blue" and "Pretty in Pink." Consequently, did you know the colors of the trans-flag are petal pink and baby blue? Another traditional-color symbol, this time for boys and girls, is stolen and replaced as a transexual symbol, on a flag no less. See the blasphemous irony here? Satan turns everything upside down.

If matters could not get worse, the Biden Administration recently draped the pride/transexual flag between two U.S. flags at the White House – a deliberate violation of the U.S. flag code. The American flag represents all Americans – never mind sexual preference or special interest. Sadly, we are not united and I fear the flag of the United States is under duress.

By the time this issue is published, June 14 – Flag Day – will have passed. As we proceed into summer and near the birthday of our nation, let us pray that the United States' flag will once again be a symbol of unity and freedom.

Pauline Voges


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