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America used to be beautiful

My fellow Americans, the time has come to make a decision. Do we want “we the people” or do we want what the government dictates? The takeover is imminent if we close our eyes and let it happen. Consider your innermost feelings and desires for your family. Do you want to be governed by a bunch of bureaucrats or by you as an individual with God given rights for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

It has come to me through thoughtful prayer that President Trump with the help of God is our only hope to restore our country to what we were meant to be, a government of “we the people” not “they the government.”

Wake up! When was the last time in America that there was a mandate for a vaccine and the country was “closed?” Even in the fifties when Jonas Salk discovered the polio vaccine, it was a clinical revolution and the people were grateful and eager, but nothing was mandated, only suggested and supported and individuals were allowed to decide, which wasn't difficult when seeing the results.

Does anyone remember when Obama said we were not a Christian nation and his intent was to “change America?” It would appear he began the ending of America as we knew it. What we need is patriotic, common sense thinking, love of country and respect for our fellow man.

The left is trying to push the destruction of history, morals, christianity, respect and education of our youth. The Biden regime is selling us out all over the world. He is incompetent as a world leader and Kamala is worse so impeachment is not really an option.

Let's think about how our once great country is now. Do we want it to continue or do we want to restore our beloved US?

God bless America.

Orolie Gubser


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