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Families can make popsicles at home, such as these ones made using stainless steel molds with bamboo sticks, in several flavors, from left, limeade with simple syrup, half orange and half grapefruit, thirds of lemon, orange and grapefruit, and pure orange juice. Village News/Katelynn Abrams photo

Katelynn Abrams

Village News Intern

Popsicles can be made at home with just a few tools and ingredients. They are great for experimenting, whether made in popsicle molds or paper cups with spoons, with bottled or fresh juice.

Experimenting could also mean trying different flavors and combinations, such as adding berries or mint, or trying different methods, such as layering juices by giving each flavor some time in the freezer before adding the next layer. (And don't fill cups or molds to the top as the juice will expand as it freezes.)

When it comes to molds, there are numerous options available to buy, such as a variety of shapes and sizes made from silicone or stainless steel. Without molds, there are still many options. For individual popsicles, plastic or paper cups, ice trays, small baking tins or a muffin pan can be used by adding the sticks or spoons halfway through the freezing process.

Any bottled or fresh-squeezed (or pressed) juice could be used to make popsicles, as well as a number of optional additions, such as fresh fruit or simple syrup. Made with a combination of citruses, water and simple syrup, fresh-squeezed California lemonade is easy to make and great for popsicles. Or, for a sunset-theme, keep the different juices separated to make layered popsicles.

Depending on personal taste, there are endless possibilities for making your own popsicles.


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