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Biden's Follies

The America we grew up in looked dramatically different from the hellish nightmare we find ourselves trapped in. American dynamism is melting away, falling prey to a cadre of sociopaths, perverts and neo-Marxist Revolutionaries who have seized control of the once-altruistic political Party of…JFK.

Did you ever think parents would be petitioning our government for custody of their children? Or that we'd find ourselves in a world where men compete in women's sports and teachers would assist minors in transitioning from one sex to another? This reeks of demonic intervention; it is beyond Orwellian, but like it or not, this is the new face of Biden's Democrat Party.

Why are the Democrats so keen on emasculating the military at a time when China, Russia and North Korea are threatening kinetic warfare? Trump rebuilt our military before leaving office, making it the world's preeminent fighting force. Yet Biden's two stooges, Generals Milley and Austin are suspiciously and inexplicably replacing our combat-ready warriors with woke males in pantyhose, pumps and pink dresses! Maybe the Bobsie twins secretly agree with the Obamas and the Bidens that it's time to renounce American Exceptionalism!

Instead of defending us against our nation's imminent threats, Biden's liberty-adverse rats in the FBI and the DOJ are determined to incarcerate President Trump by any means necessary. If the 2020 election was the most secure in American history, as the left alleges, wouldn't Democrats be salivating over the prospect of a rematch in 2024?

After all the failed attempts to impede and impeach President Trump in his first term, you'd think these hyper-ventilating partisans might call off the dogs and resort to traditional tactics to win elections, like comparing and contrasting the records and policy positions of the two candidates. Instead, the DOJ is exhuming prehistoric statutes buried in the graveyards of American jurisprudence to derail Trump's campaign and deny him a second term!

Even Democrats readily admit that Joe's tenure in office has been marked with a myriad of missteps and stigmatized by his incompetence and confusion. Yet, Joe and his conniving consortium of caregivers would have us believe he is in control of the country. When in reality, the "Big Guy" is unaware of his immediate surroundings, gets lost going to the men's room and can't manage his own affairs, much less oversee the imposing undertakings of the nation!

As the country plunges headfirst into her twilight years, millions of Americans suffer needlessly from "Biden's Follies," the fentanyl poisonings, Bidenomics, election tampering, prosecutorial misconduct and Joe's indifference to our immigration laws and infidelity to the Constitution. It's hard to fathom the extent of damage this mean-spirited man and his ruthless rabble-rousers at the DNC have inflicted on our nation. What's next? Will we all be speaking Mandarin soon?

One final thought: Kudos to Newsmax and Real America's Voice for reporting the sleazy details of Biden's corrupt influence-peddling scheme and for exposing his cozy collaboration with the DOJ and the FBI in fabricating a string of indictments meant to decapitate Trump's campaign!

Dave Maynard


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