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Hello Village News Readers, I'm back!

After a mental health break from the drama of this so-called “newspaper,” I have resubscribed. Even though I hate putting more money in the coffers of a right wing rag, I feel I must be proactive in following the shenanigans of my adversaries.

I am well aware I am putting myself in the right wing lion's den by opening my First Amendment pie hole, but I don’t give a damn! This is an unfortunate newspaper situation in our community. Hopefully, one day soon Julie Reeder will retire.

First, I want to thank the defendants of democracy who continue to stand up to right wingers’ “out of their mind” opinion on a regular basis. I commend you! When I told my husband I was resubscribing, he said, “Oh, great you'll be in a bad mood every time you read the paper.”

I truly wish this wasn't the case and I can tell that many people would prefer information, not political BS. Why can't we just do that? There are plenty of outlets to get your perspective fix. Why can't Fallbrook really be a friendly village? No one is changing anyone's mind! Haven't we all learned that by now? I’ve conducted a citizen survey which says not many Democrats subscribe any longer.

If Julie really cared about what the community needs, she could ask and answer that question for herself. The bonus for her would be getting new subscribers to help pay for the paper that she’s currently begging for money to support.

Second, if you are in District 1, I ask you to please vote for Tauna Rodarte in the Fallbrook High School Board Special Election. It is so important that we vote. This is a mail-in only special election, so please make sure your ballots are returned by Sept 19. You can learn more at

I know Tauna, and I can tell you she is not going to ban books or censure history education. We don’t want to be like the Temecula Valley School Board, which is now being sued by the state of California for their book banning policies and limiting education.

As I think back on my high school education in conservative Missouri, I am outraged and furious that I’m now learning about things that were never taught to me. For example, the Tulsa Race Riots or the way the Native American peoples were portrayed in this country. This is unacceptable! We should never shy away from the truth.

The group called “Freedom Fighters” are not fighting for freedom, they're fighting for control over knowledge! That's undemocratic insanity at its finest! The dictionary describes a Freedom Fighter “as a person who takes part in a resistance movement against an oppressive political or social establishment.” Really think about that – who’s the oppressor!

And (the other part of the conversation) no one is grooming children. What a joke! Kids who don’t fit in need to know it’s ok to be who they feel they are. One of the greatest crimes inflicted on our kids is not being supportive in letting them decide for themselves what is right for them – including reading books!

Here's the hard truth – parents are groomers! If you're telling your children you don’t find gay or bi people acceptable in this world, you are the criminals. Have you really never thought about the hundreds of thousands of humans prior to gay rights who lived a life hiding who they really are? And how sad that life must've been.

Linda Wilson


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