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Re: 'Georgia has spoken: Donald Trump is not above the law' [Village News, Letter, 08/31/023]

In response to Captain H. Firth II’ letter, first, I wonder why he needs to mention his rank in? Does that mean you are use to having people snap to when you speak?

So does that mean Bill and Hillary, who have killed unbelievable numbers of people in Arkansas, Ruby Ridge, Waco, DC and a recent hanging, aren’t above the law? Or deleting evidence and smashing computers?

Or Hunter and Joe and their “family business” that sold what? Or Obama and his doctored “birth certificate.” Now serving his third term that required Trump being “defeated,” one way or another. Do they qualify too?

So all the Trump ballots found in the dumpsters, video of closed polls having Democrats pulling out hidden boxes of ballots, Trump ahead by 750,000 ballots in Pennsylvania and suddenly all counting stops for four days and three other states do the same thing simultaneously and you have the unmitigated gall to pontificate, “No one is above the law?”

Of course, the letter is absurd to anyone who follows the blatant transgressions of our Constitution by your sacred commiecrats, but it’s the incredible gall to think us that stupid. It’s legal to question elections, just ask Hillary and Al.

And now Gretchen Martin’s letter filled with more self-righteousness wisdom. So, as a standard bearer doe the MGB/GT+1 community, (yes I know) did you happen to remember the stable “transgender” who shot several kids in school or did it slip your memory as fast as it did the media’s?

Aren’t we lucky that when God makes a “mistake,” there are so many gifted people that can “fix” His mistakes – and other “special” people that can herald it.

J. Schembri


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