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Choosing the next President

The importance of the next presidential election cannot be overstated. It should be a referendum on the abysmal economy and the societal upheaval that Biden and his Democrat cronies have served up for us. By every metric, Joe and his court jesters at the DNC have failed to meet their rudimentary obligations to the American people.

So, who will lead us out of this quagmire: Cornel West, Pence, Nikki Haley, Newsom, or none of the above?

RFK Jr. would undoubtedly make a far better choice for President than the grifter-in-chief. But the DNC will never endorse him, fearing he may fulfill his campaign promise by dismantling the FBI and the CIA for concealing the facts surrounding his uncle's assassination for the past 60 years. Not surprisingly, the party bosses deny him a public forum to impale his presidential aspirations and misconstrue his policy positions – actions taken to demoralize his faithful followers and dissuade them from voting for him.

I, for one, could never vote for a Democrat. Why? Because they have consistently proven themselves unworthy of governing. Stated more succinctly, they have abandoned any pretense of following the rule of law, their policies are bankrupting the country, and their leadership has led us to the most tumultuous times since the Great Depression.

Then there's Ron De Santis, the favorite son of the Fox and Bush wing of the GOP. Recently, Ron referred to MAGA Republicans as "listless vessels." Here's a man whose feckless pronouncements and ill-tempered admonishments might be best reserved for his political rivals in the Democrat Party. Instead, he finds comfort in slandering the massive waves of Trump supporters rising from the depths of the American First Movement.

And what do we make of the second coming of scorned Saint Chris Christie? He claims he is the only man capable of winning the presidential election. Perhaps his arrogance overshadows his intelligence? Considering his abysmal polling numbers and somber campaign rallies, he is either auditioning for a gig at CNN or MSNBC, or he is out of touch with reality. Maybe it's both. In either case, Christie may want to return to the Jersey shores to work on his tan rather than flirt with an embarrassing presidential run.

Forgive me for dismissing the other candidates, but setting aside my bias, Trump is the only candidate who can lead us out of the dark and dreary recesses of this woke wilderness and return us to a functioning Democracy. No one threatens the administrative state or the DNC's hold on power more than Trump does. That's why the relentless flurry of lawfare sorties and the endless attacks hurled at him.

In truth, Trump gave us the most secure border in modern times and unleashed America's energy sector, spoiling us with the lowest gasoline prices in a decade. When he left office, the inflation rate was less than 2%, while the cumulative inflation rate since Biden's inauguration hovers over 13%.

Mortgage rates under Trump were at 2%. Now rates soar above 7%. And thanks to "Bidenomics," American households have lost 25% of their net worth, are living paycheck to paycheck, and struggle to feed their families as the costs of goods and services continue to outpace wages.

One final thought: If you think the scales of "Lady Justice" should always tilt in favor of Democrats, then you will undoubtedly vote for Joe. If you believe double-digit inflation and runaway government spending are a prescription for prosperity, please don't vote. And if you think it's okay to castrate and mutilate children without parental consent, please seek therapy before casting your next vote.

But if you believe Biden's policies are leading us to our demise, and you are unwilling to surrender your unalienable rights to the bottom feeders at the DNC, then for God's sake, vote for...Trump.

Dave Maynard


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