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How to take the schools back

For those who may not be happy with an 80% failure rate in grade level math and a close one in English, from their local schools, I am making a modest proposal.

When I was in elementary school many, many years ago, they had a system that worked very well. Any parent could come in and sit in the back of the class, and observe what went on in class.

Whoa, talk about clutching the pearls on the fainting couch!

Yes it worked perfectly, with many benefits. One, the child of the parent was on their best behavior. Two, all the other kids were afraid the parent would tell their parents of their behavior.

Three, what your child looks like going out the door doesn’t necessarily match what they look like when they arrive in school. Four, chatter and behavior in the halls would be modified.

And of course five, the teacher would have to account for their content and how they act in class towards each gender student. Some know what I mean.

Folks, these are your schools. About 70% of your property taxes are determined by how much the schools get. You pay the salaries of the teachers and administrators.

You have the right to sit in a class, and hear what is taught, no spin.

Obviously the schools will flat out refuse out of self-preservation. However, public schools hate competition, because they get paid for each student sitting in class per day by the state, and maybe the feds.

Every student out from the rolls means they lose a lot of money.

Go forth and take your schools back from the unions and school boards.

J. Schembri


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