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Re: 'Choosing the President' [Village News, Maynard letter, 9/21/23]

Mr. Maynard makes a most desperate plea in the subject letter, imploring you to vote for Trump. He tries to make his usual case that the Democratic Party has failed and is despicable beyond belief, but as usual he fails to give even one example of what his party has done for us middle and lower income citizens.

President Biden has laid out an economic plan for now and into the future that firmly supports middle and lower income citizens, and has begun its implementation. In contrast, Republican leaders no longer even know how to govern.

It started with the Tea Party, the Party of No. When the Democratic Party has a majority, the Republican minority bloc-votes against any legislation they put forth. When the Republicans gain a majority, the first thing they do is cut taxes for the wealthy and big business.

Mr. Maynard says only Trump can save our Democracy. Unbelievable! Trump is the absolute antithesis of a patriotic American. Trump, who almost accomplished an overthrow of our democratic government on Jan 6. Trump who tried to get a panel of false electors to claim he won. Trump who tried to get the Georgia official to "find" enough votes to give him a majority there. Trump who used classified documents for scratch paper, and so on, ad infinitum.

And Mr. Maynard should stop falsifying statistics that are so easily checked online. The last time the U.S. inflation rate reached 13% was 1979. In the past five years, the highest has been 7%, in 2021. This was an expected result, not caused by the government.

The U.S. is a consumer economy. In 2020, we were hit hard by the pandemic. In the uncertainty, we held back severely on spending, resulting in a low 1.4% inflation rate. Then, as the pandemic abated, we basically went on a spending spree, driving up prices, and providers raised prices, because they could. A 7% inflation rate in 2021 was the result. So, we are the problem, not the government. The solution: stop buying stuff!

John H. Terrell


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