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High crimes and misdemeanors

When Putin's armored brigades first rolled into the Donbas Region of eastern Ukraine in February 2022, most Americans believed supporting the Ukrainians was a noble cause. That was before we learned about Biden's behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

Nineteen months later, as the war grinds on, even Ukrainians wonder if this conflict will ever end. As the country suffers from Putin's unrelenting aerial strikes and tens of thousands of Ukrainians are now homeless, Zelinski insists on staying the course, tying his fortunes to the generosity of the American taxpayers instead of suing for peace.

It's widely known that Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations in Europe; still, Biden continues to pour billions of dollars into the conflict to no avail. Based on recent developments, perhaps Joe's insistence on showering Zelinski with "Benjamins" is more about keeping Zelinski from divulging Joe's Ukrainian transgressions and less about defending a fledgling democracy?

Irrefutable evidence has surfaced revealing then-VP Biden's role in orchestrating Ukraine's Prosecutor General Shokin's dismissal. Shokin was in the middle of investigating bribery charges against the CEO of Burisma Petroleum Company, Nikolai Zlochvsky. Subsequently, Nikolai approached Biden and offered him 10 million dollars if he could arrange for Shokin's dismissal.

Always drawn to the scent of easy money, Nikolai's proposition was just too tempting for "the Big Guy" to walk away from. With the lure of greenbacks on the table, Joe pressured Ukrainian President Poroshenko, threatening to withhold one billion dollars in US loan guarantees unless Shokin was terminated.

Well, Son of a B, Shokin was fired! Recent bank records unearthed by James Comer's Congressional committee reveal that Joe and Hunter received the tidy sum promised from Nikolai, laundering the loot through their elaborate web of offshore accounts.

It's clear that Zelinski has Biden dangling by the short hairs and, by extension, the American taxpayers on the hook to fund a war that seemingly has no off-ramp. As the plot thickens, we find Joe once again caught in a trap of his own making, obliged to do the bidding of Zelinski or risk having his Ukrainian memoirs plastered on the front page of the New York Times.

Biden's alleged crimes in Ukraine are unquestionably impeachable offenses even before touching on his numerous other seditious acts, including the $3.5 million he received from the Mayor of Moscow or the millions of dollars wired to his bank accounts from members of the Chinese Communist Party. His alleged crimes are precisely what our Founders had in mind when they penned the words "High Crimes and Misdemeanors," as found in Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution.

As consequential as these charges are, it remains to be seen how long the legacy media and the carping high priestesses at CNN and MSNBC will refrain from reporting them.

Final thoughts: Not surprisingly, Biden's domestic policies are at odds with his foreign policies. On the one hand, he is offering Zelinski a blank check to repel Putin's invasion; on the other, he is at war with fossil fuels. The best way to end Russia's aggression would be to unleash America's energy sector and drive down the global costs of fossil fuels.

Instead, the Biden Administration has arbitrarily inflated the price of oil by neutering America's petroleum industry, providing Putin with an endless supply of petrodollars to fund his war. By doing so, Joe has unwittingly swerved into what could aptly be called "Schizophrenic Détente," giving Putin the financial sustenance to pursue his expansionist dream of resurrecting the "Soviet Empire."

Dave Maynard


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