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Fallbrook residents attend Reform California Town Hall meeting

SAN DIEGO – More than 100 Fallbrook residents joined Reform California Tuesday, Oct. 10, for a town hall meeting to learn about the fight to stop costly tax hikes and utility rate spikes in California – as well as efforts to protect Proposition 13.

The town hall meeting was led by Carl DeMaio, chair of Reform California and former San Diego city councilmember, who is headlining similar events around the county leading up to the 2024 elections.

"Californians already pay the highest taxes and utility rates in the country, and we're fighting to change that by defeating a number of costly and unfair new tax and utility rate hike proposals in the 2024 election," DeMaio said. "Two of the proposals that would increase your taxes are a direct attack on 1978's Proposition 13 – and we need everyone involved in the fight to defeat them and pass the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative next year."

The California Taxpayer Protection Initiative will be on the ballot in 2024, and passing it would strengthen Proposition 13 and make it harder for state and local politicians to impose costly and unfair tax hikes in the future. Specifically, the measure would restore a two-thirds vote for any tax hike, impose a stricter definition on what is a "tax" so politicians can't call them "fees," require the words "tax increase" be included on the official title of any measure that appears on the ballot that contains a tax hike inside of it and repeal dozens of tax hikes imposed after Jan 1, 2022 – immediately saving taxpayers money.

"Californians are literally fleeing our state because of the high cost-of-living and high taxes imposed by reckless politicians – and this ballot measure is a powerful way for voters to say 'enough is enough,'" DeMaio said.

The town hall also covered the following topics of concern to Fallbrook residents: the seven top tax hikes Reform California is fighting in California today – including the San Diego County Mileage Tax, County Sales Tax Hike, Savings Tax, Healthcare Tax, Exit Tax and a range of property, income and other special tax hikes; utility rate hikes that are crushing working families – and how we can roll back the rates by eliminating hidden state taxes and mandates and ways to reverse the trend of home insurance companies dropping customers and implementing rate hikes.

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