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More on the plans for Bonsall Community Park

I sent the following letter to Supervisor Jim Desmond:

I’m reaching out to you again today regarding the following information posted online by the Bonsall Community Sponsor Group, which is dedicated to enhancing and preserving a rural lifestyle.

Please see the attached County of San Diego Bonsall Community Sponsor Group Regular Meeting Minutes, Feb. 4, 2020.

I have underlined pertinent information on page 2 regarding your county’s Concept A and Concept B. Concept A is a highly active park and Concept B is a more solitary, less active park, as well as the voting for Concept B by all the Bonsall Sponsor Group members.

Note: Bonsall Sponsor Group Board members: (1) Norris advocates Plan B, (2) Hatano far prefers Plan B, (3) McGiboney suggests Plan B, (4) Morgan prefers Plan B.

Why are the Bonsall Sponsor Group’s votes being ignored? The Bonsall Sponsor Group is one of our only links to advise the county what is best for Bonsall.

I have twice requested a sit down meeting with you of only a few minutes to discuss several important matters affecting Bonsall. I believe your Parks and Recreation Staff have proceeded with your County Plan on false premises. Maybe your staff has Bonsall Park confused with Del Prado Park?

Please advise, Deborah Howard

What you should do now: email San Diego County District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond at [email protected] telling him:

“Plan B, not Plan A, is what our Bonsall Sponsor Group ‘unanimously’ voted for on Feb. 4, 2020, pursuant to the Regular Meeting Minutes dated Feb. 4, 2020, on file. The Bonsall Sponsor Group is our only representative link to the County and I request that you remain consistent with what has already been decided which is Plan B, not Plan A.”

Deborah Howard


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