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Looking back at 2023

After another insufferable year living under the boot of President Joe Biden’s autocratic administration, our futures have never looked more precarious. War is raging in the Middle East; Ukrainians are hopelessly mired in a battle of attrition with the Russians, and the Chinese Communist Party is threatening to invade Taiwan. Biden is to blame for the rising global hostilities. His aversion to conflict and hesitancy to intervene in world affairs in any meaningful way stems from his financial entanglements with rogue nations – he’s a man who made his fortune by selling influence to snakes – a commander-in-chief whose mutinous behavior has precipitated worldwide instability at an alarming rate.

Last February, we witnessed a Chinese Communist spy balloon float across our continent, violating our airspace in what previous administrations would have deemed an act of war. Yet, Biden and Secretary Antony Blinken stood by, clutching their pearls and clinging to their purses instead of vaporizing the spy balloon before it entered our airspace – another sterling example of Biden's geopolitical paralysis, adding to the list of Biden’s inaction ending in disgrace.

Kudos to Rep. James Comer of Kentucky for exposing Biden’s seditious behavior – behavior so egregious it outweighs his other mistakes. Still, his dotting media monkeys race to the ramparts to defend the castle gates. They conspire to hide his family’s racketeering schemes from public view to tip the election scales in Biden’s favor no matter what it takes – a chorus line of neurotic sycophants spewing “nothing to see here, nothing to see here” even when the evidence is served to them on a silver plate.

As bad as things are internationally, the domestic outlook doesn’t look much better. We live in an era of irreverence and unrelenting antagonism aimed at rewriting our national heritage, purging our religious liberties and redefining the nuclear family. As 2023 draws to a close, America, the once-exalted refuge of freedom, is being assailed by domestic terrorists, members of the Democrat Party, who are intent on recasting our nation's destiny and expunging the American Dream.

With the 2024 campaign closing in on us, Biden insists his signature policy has led the country out of its financial doldrums when, in fact, Bidenomics has caused it. He claims the economy has never been better. It’s true; Biden’s fortunes have never been better thanks to his influence-peddling scheme with his “unsavory business partners” in Moscow; Kyiv, Ukraine, and Beijing. As for Biden’s lofty assertions, they are as preposterous as they are untrue.

This year, homeownership slipped out of reach for millions of Americans. This holiday season was more like Grinchmas than Christmas. Hundreds of thousands of Americans paid for Christmas using credit cards with interest rates so high that they got a nosebleed every time they used them. Still, “Bah Humbug Biden” believes if he spews Bidenomic bromides often enough, we will swallow his bilge like baleen whales binging on krill.

As we head into the New Year, Democrats continue their chicanery at a frenzied pace, flooding the country with unvaccinated, unvetted, unskilled, non-English-speaking foreign intruders who, by the way, “demand” government subsidies from us. Asylum seekers they’re not; lawbreakers indeed they are. Our immigration laws be damned; our country is now hopelessly awash in alien criminality. I suspect our southern border would be secure if Biden ascribed to Jefferson’s final address to Congress when he said, “Considering the extraordinary character of the times we live, our attention should be fixed on the safety of our country.”

But then, Biden’s no Jefferson, is he?

As of this letter, four blue state prosecutors are busy indicting our former president on spurious charges. These partisan hacks are engaging in prosecutorial misconduct planned and executed by Biden’s DOJ. Not since former President John Adams authorized the Alien Sedition Act to silence his Republican rivals has a president used the litigious levers of government to punish his political opponents. In another desperate move to remove Trump from the presidential ballot, Colorado and Maine are claiming he is ineligible to seek office for being an insurrectionist. Funny, Trump has never been charged with or convicted of insurrection. What happened to due process?

Final thoughts: It’s been a contemptible year, one most Americans won’t soon forget. But as the old adage states “hope springs eternal.” This next election, let’s hope Americans will remember the scores of Democrats who lied to them incessantly about Russian collusion, the Jan. 6 insurrection, transitory inflation and our southern border invasion. Let’s hope Americans remember the Trump years when inflation was less than 2%, mortgage rates were 3% and gas prices were less than $3 per gallon. On Nov. 5, 2024, let’s hope the election is a referendum to remove Biden from office and a landslide victory for the MAGA movement.

Dave Maynard


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