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The war for our humanness: Embracing our amazing biology

I believe that, as a species, we are in a battle for our very humanness. We are at a crossroads unlike any other in history. This is a moment where the very essence of our humanity is under siege, a war waged on multiple fronts, challenging us to redefine who we are and what we stand for.

The battle for our humanness is multifaceted, touching upon technological advancements, medical interventions, censorship, and the fundamental narratives that shape our understanding of ourselves, our world, our creator and the universe. It’s called transhumanism.

At the heart of this conflict is a core belief that we are innately inadequate as a species; a fear that our bodies are flawed and our minds incomplete without external interference and enhancements. Whether it's the allure of AI, chips promising to augment our cognitive abilities, puberty blockers for children, or experimental shots claiming to improve our immune systems. The underlying message is clear, “We are inferior and not good enough as we are.” The additional goal for some is that they could possibly live forever.

Yet, amidst this push for technological transcendence, it would be great to step back and appreciate the marvels of our own biology. Our bodies possess an inherent ability to heal, to adapt, and to thrive when provided with the right nourishment, exercise, water, clean air and spiritual sustenance, free of charge.

The winners in this new world will be those who honor and nurture their bodies as the incredible vessels they are and do the hard work, pushing them to be the best they can be, both mentally and physically.

It’s also true that the more we depend on technology, the less our “biology” needs to perform, weakening it. If we constantly use a wheelchair, our legs will grow weak, a calculator, we lose the ability to calculate rapidly in our mind. If we take a supplement aggressively, our body may not feel the need to keep producing it.

This apparently is an issue when technology or pornography takes the place of human connection, experience and commitment in sex. Better leave this one here, but scientists say that porn is responsible for rewiring your brain in unhealthy ways.

The less we read and the more we watch entertainment with “shorts,” “reels,” and movies, the less our brain develops because it doesn’t need to. Our attention spans get shorter and shorter, making us more and more likely to be sheep, influenced without being able to take the time necessary to learn complex issues or nuanced subjects.

I’ve heard brain scientists say that it is good to read a fiction novel just to exercise your brain. While you go through the motion of creating the pictures or “movies” of the story in your brain, it works to create new neural networks and make you sharp.

Every thought is a chemical reaction. It is truly miraculous. I heard a scientist say that the chances of our bodies being created without a designer is the same as a tornado blowing through a junkyard and having a 747 come out of the other side.

Stanford professor Andrew Huberman recently said on his podcast that science is not incompatible with the idea of God and that, in fact, many of the top scientists are believers in God.

It seems to me that there’s also a battle for our minds and beliefs with information censorship, especially during a “crisis” when global leaders are clamoring to gain control of people.

Solid data and verifiable information during COVID was suppressed, shaping our perceptions and controlling the narratives we were exposed to. Fear is wielded as a weapon, undermining our freedoms, health and outlook on life, while genuine human connection and spiritual fulfillment were sidelined. We learned how important those connections were to our bodies, minds, and souls. It was detrimental to our health and well-being.

Science, once revered as a beacon of truth, has itself become a battleground. Corporations, politicians, and even academia cherry-pick data to suit their agendas, hijacking the narrative and distorting our understanding of the world. The true nature of science, ever-evolving and dynamic, is overshadowed by vested interests seeking to control the narrative and people as a whole.

In the midst of this chaos, it seems to me there should be a call to embrace love as a powerful cure. Love for ourselves, our families, our country and our God. It's a reminder that amidst the technological advancements and societal upheavals, our humanity remains a great strength, with love and unity. When people are pushing fear and divisive ideologies, we need to refuse to participate and continue to seek truth and love.

The path forward requires a radical shift in consciousness, a willingness to do the hard work, question the narratives imposed upon us, and critically think for ourselves. We must reclaim our story, honoring our humanness, the deep truth of our existence and embracing the full extent of our potential. It's a journey of discovery and empowerment, recognizing the inherent wisdom of our biology and minds, even clear of technology.

In the end, it's not just a battle for our humanness and our humanity; it's a battle for our very souls and our connection to our Creator and each other. But with awareness, love, and a commitment to truth, we can be victorious, embracing our true essence and shaping a world around us that honors the beauty and resilience of the human spirit and the intricacies, amazingness, elegance and the divine reflected in our humanness.


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