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Theresa Maryann Kelly French

A loving wife and best friend, Theresa Maryann Kelly French, born April 12, 1953, was called home April 27, 2024.

During Theresa's 71 years of life, she was a loving mother, an adoring wife, a wonderful grandmother, and an exceptional friend. Forty-four of those years were spent in her husband's arms, who now sits here trying to capture the spirit and essence of the most wonderful and perfect lady he has ever known. It is difficult to put her realities into words for others to truly understand, but let me try...

Theresa's family moved to Anaheim from the Midwest in the early 60's. Lifelong friendships, and many legends, were born from the families that lived on her street – just a short walk from Disneyland where they watched the fireworks nightly.

She attended St. Justin Martyr Elementary School, Rosary High School, and then Magnolia High. Theresa had two major loves that brought her much joy and many friendships – they were the choir and the school's drill team.

In choir, her amazing talent for singing brought her out of her shyness and she excelled. Some of her happiest memories included being in school musicals and touring with the choir in her junior and senior years.

After graduation, Theresa attended Cypress College and followed her parent's move to Bonsall, California to pursue her dream of performing. It was there that her professional entertainment career took off.

As the lead singer in a band, Theresa performed at many of the high-end night spots throughout San Diego as the house band. For over 20 years, she entertained and performed for visitors and a large local following as well.

When her performing career was winding down, she leapt into yet another passion, the mystical world of fairies. She partnered with a friend and created the most enchanting store San Diego had ever experienced – "FrenchWoods. . As you entered, it was like walking into a magical forest filled with mythical folklore and romance.

Her windows and store displays made you feel like you happened upon the secret world of fairy folk living in the depths of deep dark woods. The fairies were letting you get just a little peek, but not too much! No matter how old or young, everyone had a smile on their face the minute they walked in, and that smile remained as they walked out the door.

Theresa and her husband-to-be first laid eyes on each other while riding a bus headed for a baseball game. A very long and wonderful story of that day lingers in my memory. They dated and grew to know each other for a couple of years – longer if Theresa were writing this herself. They were married on March 2, 1980.

For the next 44 years, side-by-side, they continued to fall deeper in love each day – that love is still growing as they never accepted the wedding notion that states "Until death do you part" – it just never really applied to them. They have not parted. They are only taking a short break while Theresa sets things up, and finds a hundred pillows on the other side, while she waits for her husband to be called.

In her life's adventure, she would travel often, she would travel distant, and she would travel well. She loved music. She loved singing. She loved entertaining. And for those lucky enough to have experienced her talents, they can still hear her precious voice if they only close their eyes and listen. She is now at home and singing in perfect harmony with those above.

Theresa's love for the Lord and His mother, Mary, was deep and abiding. She used her gifts to glorify and worship the Lord and lead others in worship as well. Her gift of harmony was like no other. When she played the piano and sang in worship, she did it with her entire being.

She often said singing and playing were life-giving to her. Theresa would also share the beautiful visions she received from the Lord with her WCF sisters in Christ. They were edifying for them and always shared with humility.

These lines from a song she recorded truly exemplified Theresa's relationship with the Lord. "Oh God, I come before you with a deep desire to please you in everything I do. Jesus, I want to be a willing soul that gives completely. All you have done for me I want to give you in return."

She was so giving of her heart and of her time. She loved her family and all of her friends with a serious passion. She lived for holidays, especially Christmas. She loved giving gifts. She loved sending cards. She loved dancing. She adored little love notes. She loved babies. And she loved holding her husband's hand.

Theresa is survived by her husband Robin, her sons Matthew and Gerald, her daughter-in-law Corinne, and grandsons Gerald II and Rory. In addition, by her brother Ronald Kelly, and simply too many cousins, nieces, and nephews to list, but know that they were all in her heart...

Family, friends, and all others whose lives Theresa touched are invited and will be welcomed at the service and reception. The details of the service and reception will be communicated separately when details are formalized.


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