A willingness to serve


Last updated 2/22/2007 at Noon

Thank goodness Mr. Roth’s picture was in the paper, or I would not have realized he’s the man who has been to a couple of the Rainbow Board meetings, staying a half an hour or so, never picking up the information agenda to follow what the board is discussing, looks like he could care less.

By throwing his hat in the ring at the last minute on the last day, he triggered a $70,000 voter expense for us ratepayers. Is this Roth’s poison pill? How he must dislike the district! Jerry Walson, on the other hand, announced his willingness to serve on the board in September 2005. He has attended meetings and served on committees for years. He really cares about the district. A vote for Jerry is a vote for your interest in our water.

Maureen Rhyne


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