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So they have found the bones of Jesus!


Last updated 3/22/2007 at Noon

Since we have learned that the bones of Jesus have been found along with his wife and son, we are in need of a new religion. I guess I will start my own. If he is still buried, he could not have ascended. If he did not ascend, he will not be coming back. So I may as well abandon Christianity and look for something else.

Thanks to the brilliant Hollywood producers of imaginary content, I am now free of the burdens of Christianity and the moral restrictions it demands. Think of the new possibilities. Without Jesus, how can we judge between good and evil? Who can say homosexuality is immoral? How about child pornography? One man’s love is another man’s perversion. Why shouldn’t a man marry his animal or close relative? Without the evidence of the Gospel we would not have a compass. Right from wrong would be subjected to the most persuasive or the most powerful.

Our entire legal code would have to be thrown out. How could 12 people sit in judgment if we have no right and wrong values? Each citizen would be free to determine the guilt and punishment for every crime commented against them. Who else could judge morality? If Jesus did not rise, then my only hope for the future will be like the box of bones found in Jerusalem.

But they have the evidence! They even have “Christian” experts testifying that this would not be a “problem” for the faithful. They say finding the bones of Jesus would not really be a problem because he may have risen “spiritually.” Whatever that means, it would also mean that the Bible is wrong.

How would Jesus answer these new findings? What would the Savior say to those who claim to have found his bones in a grave? Is there any thing Jesus could say to the “experts” who suggest he rose “spiritually,” thus leaving his bones on earth for the Hollywood left to find? The argument is clear: either they have found the bones of Jesus or they have not. What would Jesus say?

He has already spoken on this subject. After the resurrection, many people thought he was a spirit and not a body. They speculated on whether the resurrection was a “spiritual” or a “bodily” one so much that Jesus had to address them on this topic. In Luke 24:36-40, Jesus answered by saying, “Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.” If his bones rose up with him then his bones ascended with him. Thus, his bones are not in a box near Jerusalem. He has risen. His cross is bare, the tomb is empty, he sits on his throne. Happy Easter.


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