Thank you emergency workers


Last updated 11/2/2007 at Noon

“Surreal” is the only way to describe the scene as we arrived home Friday after four days of evacuating to Orange County. And the only way to describe work of the firefighters, sheriffs, sheriff volunteers, the military, the utility workers and many more organizations and individuals is “spectacular.” I want to compliment these people for their dedication, skill and courage. From my front porch, which had escaped the fire by 50 yards, I saw 25 homes on Las Vistas Road, Toyon Heights Drive, Red Mountain and Megan’s Bluff surrounded by burned vegetation but all still intact. That these were saved is amazing. Obviously, my elation upon returning was tempered on Saturday and Sunday, when I learned several of our friends had lost homes, 200 families in Fallbrook suffered a similar fate and acres of vegetation over the northeast side of Fallbrook were destroyed.

Seeing the hundreds of people needing assistance at the Community

Center was heart-rending. I pray they will all find help and direction

through the appropriate agencies and insurance companies.

Thank you, God, for saving life and limb – and for giving us so many

other valuable intangibles and an opportunity to live in this beautiful

community, among so many special people.

Walt Parry


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