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Healthcare District honors Goldberg, Hiscock for service

FALLBROOK — At the November 12 board meeting of the Fallbrook Healthcare District (FHD), with more than 40 people in attendance, the board of directors extended its appreciation to two directors who were concluding their respective terms of office.

Director Roy Hiscock, MD, was elected in 2004. He stated his platform was to address the use of tax dollars by the district. Through his input into board decisions, administrative expenses have been reduced to less than 20 percent and funds set aside in reserves have been substantially increased. During his term of four years, he served on the finance and facilities committees and in 2005 as vice-president.

In his farewell, Hiscock expressed his sincere appreciation for the privilege of serving the community and his high regard for the directors with whom he has served. He also thanked the administrator and general counsel for the efforts they extend to keep the board on track.

Director Dan Goldberg’s contributions to the district began in 2000. His eight years of service on the board exceeds the record of all previous and current directors.

During his terms, he served on multiple standing and ad hoc committees – inclusive of finance, personnel, policy and procedure and long-range planning. Additionally, in his years as a director, he has served as an officer of the board as secretary, vice-president and president.

His dedicated commitment to the community healthcare programs of FHD, such as the health fair, the community collaborative and the grant program, is recognized by the members of the board as well as by the community at large.

Goldberg advocates and has worked to build and maintain a strong working relationship with the Fallbrook Hospital under the management of Community Health Systems.

In his farewell, Goldberg stated that when he started out, he learned quickly that a healthcare district was very complicated and now, eight years later, it still is… even more so.

Goldberg urged the board to continue to be focused on the community’s healthcare resources and delivery. It was his feeling that FHD must address the concerns of keeping a hospital in this community and must uphold, even expand, its programs that provide opportunities for access to healthcare services to those who may otherwise go without.

Goldberg thanked the volunteers and the agencies that deliver services without which the programs of the district would not be carried out. He asked that the board and the community remain open to changes that will come and to be visionary in their efforts. He also expressed appreciation to those who have served with him on the board and in the community.

On behalf of the community and board, Director Gordon Tinker presented each gentleman with an inscribed appreciation plaque and a small token of esteem and gratitude for their service. The presentation was followed by a reception with refreshments prepared by Chef Stephen Spencer of Fallbrook Hospital.


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