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New year can be the time for a 'new you'

Keeping up a regular exercise program is important for many reasons.

For many it is the key to managing stress during this tumultuous economy. When stress climbs, for whatever reason, an exercise regimen can bring welcome benefits.

The experts at two Fallbrook facilities – Club Paradise Fitness and Club Paradise Fitness Express – stand ready to cater to residents of the Friendly Village and offer a positive atmosphere for both the body and mind.

“We try to help keep Fallbrook healthy,” said Brian Hanson, president and CFO. “At Club Paradise, we ultimately want to provide the people of Fallbrook with a safe, clean, social and healthy atmosphere.”

Club Paradise Fitness offers a more traditional gym atmosphere, whereas Club Paradise Fitness Express is smaller in size, more intimate and provides more personal assistance.

Each facility features quality equipment and a talented and encouraging staff.

“It’s important that our staff members care about others and are able to interact with people of all ages,” said Hanson. “At our facilities, members are greeted by motivating, happy people.”

With the rollercoaster numbers on Wall Street, many people have trimmed back on expenses, but when it comes to eliminating an exercise membership, Hanson said people might want to think twice since the benefits are incomparable.

For those who are unemployed, the networking opportunities at a gym are enormous, said Hanson. Local businesspeople who frequent Club Paradise create the perfect hub for making contacts as well as leads for new jobs.

“There is a lot of that going on,” said Hanson. “The second side to that is if you have lost your job and you have free time, it is easy to get depressed and exercising is the best thing you can do.”

After a workout session, many find stress greatly reduced. Rather than sitting at home and watching television, said Hanson, a regular exercise routine is a great solution.

“It’s a time where you are doing something for you,” he said, “and it is scientifically proven that exercise will reduce stress and help with weight loss.”

And as many know, stress can lead to weight gain, particularly when one depends on comfort food for instant gratification. Exercise is one way to address this problem.

Hanson said during physical activity, moods improve and the boost gained in strength provides more confidence to conquer challenges.

“The social interaction with others at our club, along with the chemical reaction going on in your body while exercising, makes you feel better,” said Hanson. “People feel more positive about things and their outlook is better.”

Insurance companies that provide senior benefit plans have recognized the multiple positive effects of exercise. This has led to the Silver Sneakers Fitness Program at Club Paradise.

Some insurance companies are paying for Club Paradise memberships for their customers because they see the value in it. They know that seniors who exercise on a regular basis have fewer medical bills.

Another booming success has been the Boot Camp fitness program, which began in 2008. This four-week program, brimful with fun activities, has helped people drop weight, shrink inches, become more flexible and gain strength.

No matter the program one chooses, Club Paradise has a nice atmosphere. Its mission is to create a social place that enhances a fit way of living.

When a club member triumphs and reaches a goal, Hanson admits he beams with pride.

“It’s a great feeling when we give someone the avenue to help change their life and the work they did to get there,” he said. “I am always impressed with that.”

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