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Bank 'doesn't have time' Bank 'doesn't have time'

Recently I went into Chase Bank [Fallbrook] to take care of a simple transaction. Before going, my daughter and I rolled $71 worth of coins. Along with the rolled coins, I had a small baggie with some loose coins – $4 worth of quarters and $4 worth of dimes.

I told the teller I would like to exchange the coins for paper bills. Her response was, “I can’t take the loose coins.” My reply was there weren’t enough loose coins to roll. She still refused to exchange the small amount of loose coins.

This employee told me she “didn’t have time” to count it. I could not believe what I was hearing. I questioned myself for a second or two, “Am I in a bank?”

I thought perhaps a line was forming behind me; I looked and nobody was in line. In fact, there was not another customer in the bank. Refusing the small service to me, she told me I could go over to CVS, where they have an automatic coin counter.

I asked to speak with her manager. The manager said it was bank policy not to take loose coins. I thought he misunderstood; I told him there weren’t enough to roll. He told me the teller would “do it this time, but not again.”

The teller finally did exchange the loose coins for paper bills, reluctantly.

I told them what I thought about Chase Bank and their customer service. I have closed my accounts with them.


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