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Liberal experiment could be biggest failure yet

Well Mr. Monday – looks like we finally agree on something – our mutual disappointment in The One; you, because he’s too conservative, and me, because he’s an empty suit.

I can’t argue with your research on the healthcare issue but I think you’re missing the point. We simply can’t afford it. Does it bother anyone on the left that we’ve committed our country to pay for a stimulus plan (almost $800B), we’re proposing to spend $1T plus on healthcare and now the Democrats are proposing to spend tens of billions more to do what the stimulus plan was supposed to do?

Does anyone in the go-go world of leftist politics ever pause long enough to consider who’s going to pick up the check?

Whatever happened to the promises of no new taxes, no legislative earmarks, total legislative transparency, posting of proposed legislation on the internet for public comment, and marginalizing of lobbyists’ access?

Has presidential campaigning become the theatre of who can tell the biggest, most attractive lies?

I truly believe there’s a voter revolution on the horizon and it’s not being generated by any right wing conspiracy. We’ll see the results next year and, if the GOP can field a viable candidate, again in 2012.

This liberal experiment in presidential politics could be the biggest failure in modern American political history. It seems to me that, every day The One remains in office, George W. Bush looks a little better.

Tom Conley


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