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Fallbrook residents show support for Arizona's enforcement of immigration law

A group of local residents, fluctuating in size from twelve to twenty and affiliated with the Fallbrook Tea Party, is showing their support today of the enforcement of immigration law currently taking place in the state of Arizona.

The group, carrying signs and waving at motorists, were seen beginning at 10 a.m. this morning on the north and east sidewalks of the Fallbrook Post Office property making their opinion known to drivers traveling along both South Mission Road and Fallbrook Street.

"This has nothing to do with race; it's just about enforcing federal and state laws," said Katey Pfeil, a 2004 graduate of Fallbrook High School, who was participating in the demonstration along with her mother, Sherry Pfeil.

"We are simply supporting the fact that Arizona is enforcing the law," said Sherry.

Many passersby honked their horns in approval, cheered from their windows, and waved in a friendly manner to the group.

"Overall we've had a really good response today to being out here," said Dan Dakovich.

As of 12:30 p.m., participant Christine Moosa said the group had only experienced five negative responses to its activity.

"We did have about five unfriendly hand gestures," said Moosa.

Moosa said the enforcement of immigration law is critical.

"We have this law on the books and we are not enforcing it," she said. "When you start picking and choosing which [laws] to enforce, you get chaos."

In April of this year, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into effect SB 1070, an immigration bill that makes it a state crime for an individual not to carry proof of legal immigration status.

Several in today's group of demonstrators commended Brewer, a Republican, for her bold action on enforcing the immigration law. Brewer has told the press that she signed the bill in response to a spike in violence along Arizona's U.S./Mexican border.

"We love Jan Brewer; she's a brave lady," said Sherry Pfeil.

The Fallbrook Tea Party, organized by local residents Cliff and Laura Sumrall, held its first meeting on March 23 and its third meeting Tuesday night.

"We had between 145 and 150 show up on Tuesday," said Dakovich. "We have more and more new people continuing to come into the organization and are continuing to get a little larger."





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