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Supervisors approve Golf Green Estates final map, secured agreements

The final map and security agreements for the Golf Green Estates development have been approved.

The 3-0 San Diego County Board of Supervisors vote Sept. 14, with Greg Cox absent for a California State Association of Counties Finance Corporation meeting and Ron Roberts at the American Public Transportation Association annual conference, also accepted five new public streets and additional portions of two existing streets, access rights from various lots to the streets, flowage easements along with access easements to maintain drainage facilities, a pedestrian trail easement, a clear space easement, and noise protection easements.

"The approval of the Golf Green Estates final map means 94 new single-family homes in Bonsall and some relief for our housing shortage in North County," said Supervisor Bill Horn.

The 29-acre property at the intersection of Camino Del Rey and Old River Road will be subdivided into 94 residential lots ranging from 6,000 to 19,113 square feet along with eight homeowners' association lots. The traffic mitigation measures for the project include restriping and providing auxiliary lanes at Camino Del Rey and Old River Road to facilitate traffic movements and providing a traffic signal at the intersection of Camino Del Rey and one of the new streets.

The county accepted additional portions of Old River Road and Camino Del Rey on behalf of the public while also accepting, conditional upon the required improvements, Avenida De Los Pinos, Avenida De Las Vida, Calle De Las Brisas, Calle De Las Estrellas, and Calle De Las Rosas. Decomposed granite pathways between six and ten feet wide will be constructed along Old River Road and Camino Del Rey to provide an internal connection as well as to connect the project with Bonsall Elementary School.

The 11 legal parcels comprising Golf Green Estates were owned by San Luis Rey Downs Enterprises, LLC, when the county's Planning Commission approved the tentative map in March 2013. The land is currently owned by Development Solutions Bon, LLC. The site's zoning is single-family residential and variable family residential. The county's general plan designates the land for Village Residential zoning with a density of 7.3 dwelling units per acre.

A 1972 tentative map for the site to allow 112 single-family homes on 6,000 square foot lots was approved but expired before any improvements were made. The approval of a 1981 tentative map and Major Use Permit would have built 68 single-family lots on the east side and 80 condominium units on the west side, but after the property was sold that map also expired. The application for the current project was submitted in 2006 and originally sought 116 residential units before being revised to eliminate 22 residential lots due to potential flood plain impacts which resulted in increased setbacks from the floodway.

The traffic study for the project was conducted in December 2011 and estimated that the subdivision will add an average of 340 daily trips which will be distributed to State Route 76, Old Highway 395, South Mission Road, East Vista Way, and Camino Del Rey. The off-site mitigation measures include widening the northbound East Vista Way approach to allow for one left turn lane, one through lane, and one right turn lane. A Traffic Impact Fee payment will also be made to address cumulative impacts.

Golf Green Estates will likely be built in two phases. The first phase will construct the 60 residences on the east side of Old River Road and the second phase will build the 34 units on the west side of Old River Road.

A tentative parcel map becomes a final map after all conditions of the tentative map, other than those for which permits cannot be issued until a final map is recorded, are fulfilled. The conditions of a final map include secured agreements to ensure that the infrastructure will be built and that payment for labor and materials used to build the infrastructure will be made.

Golf Green Estates will add 0.9 new miles of public roads to the county system, and the $5,254,300 faithful performance bond includes $3,685,500 to ensure the improvement of streets and easements. The Rainbow Municipal Water District will provide both water and sewer service to Golf Green Estates, and the performance bond also covers $814,200 for improvement of water facilities and $729,600 to guarantee the improvement of the sewer facilities.

The other $25,000 covered in the faithful performance bond will ensure the final monumentation. A $2,627,150 labor and material bond will ensure payment for labor and materials involved in the construction of the improvements.


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