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DACA needs to be resolved


Last updated 1/24/2018 at 3:24pm

This week's closure of the government is the result of the failure on the part of the President and the Republican leadership, to keep their word regarding DACA. They have also forgotten their obstructive behavior during the eight years of the Obama Administration.

Trump is calling for the nuclear option of eliminating the filibuster, which further demonstrates he is not a "great deal maker" as he touts himself, or even a good negotiator, but rather he is a school yard bully, who has no

understanding of how our democratic form of government works.

We all know that neither Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan can be trusted to keep their word. As difficult as it is, I urge Senators Harris and Feinstein to continue to stand your ground and defend Dreamers. No vote to reopen the government until DACA is resolved.

Janie Thelin


Reader Comments

grunt0369 writes:

I have two questions for you and other immigration supporters, “why do you seem to show more concern for people of other lands than Americans? And “Were you proud of your party’s rudeness to the elected President when so many would not stand as he entered, and refused to acknowledge anything good he said in the SOTU – Black lowest unemployment, Congress man recovering from gunshot? Seems your party is more concerned with Trump failing than any good for our Country.

grunt0369 writes:

Ms Thelin, why is the shut down the Republican’s fault? What promise did he break – he said all along he wanted a wall, the Democrats refused to accept the DACA compromise IF it included any limits on immigration. Let’s not forget that Obama promised immigration reform his first term, when he had enough votes in both houses to get what he wanted. He never brought it up, nor did any Democratic member of congress.


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