Re: 'I am ashamed' [Village News, letter, 8/22/19]


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Last week my letter was published in this paper; it contained my opinion, an opinion that was based on facts, such as proven, verifiable events. I did receive some kind, positive remarks, and an anonymous note in my mail.

I understand it is the policy of the Village News to not print anonymous letters, so a brief summation of the note: I am a very ignorant, brainless, hateful and closed-minded person for not appreciating what millions of Americans and Fallbrook folks know and love about our glorious and great president who is doing such an awesome job for our country, and the writer does not nor would they want to know me as I am so evil. And of course all the negative things I had cited in my letter must be about President Obama and myself (?); lots of caps and exclamation marks, of course.

This person is certainly entitled to their opinion, but when I have something to say, I do not hesitate to own it or to sign my name to it. This hissy-fit, middle school stuff is what now passes for rational political discourse, apparently.

If you have a cogent position or coherent argument, by all means advance it, but sending anonymous hate notes is not conducive to having anyone take you seriously. And perhaps do a bit of work on syntax and punctuation?

Georgiana Silvestro


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