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Re: 'Do we permit a virus to destroy our economy?' [Village News, Letter, 03/26/20]


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I would also add that this is a wake-up call for Americans for several reasons.

First bring back factories and jobs to the United States so we are not relying on other countries for anything. While we need imports and trades of certain products, we need to make sure they are not our only single supplier so when they threaten to withhold their products, we desperately need we can get it elsewhere. Stop putting all our eggs in one basket.

Second, it is time for people to wise up and become financially responsible in life. If you lose your job, home sick with the flu, etc. why do you not have savings set aside to catch you when the unexpected comes along?

You should start with one week and work up to one year of home expenses in the bank that you never, ever touch for any reason whatsoever. I am shocked to see that the majority of people live paycheck to paycheck yet they drive a better car than I do.

They take lavish vacations, eat out many times per week, extend their credit beyond their ability to pay and cry and whine when a crisis comes along. Take responsibility for yourselves and stop relying on the government to bail you out. Same goes for businesses.

Shame on the Democrats who pork barreled up this stimulus bill with hundreds of millions of dollars for every pet project they can get money for and none of that pork is actually going to the need it was intended for.

Fifty million to the National Endowment of Arts. This organization was the same one that shoved the crucifix into a jar of urine and called it art that we tax payers paid for.

The stimulus bill was also passed by the Republicans in order to get some money for the purpose it was intended as a compromise to keep the Democrats and the fake news media from dragging them through the mud with baseless lies of “letting our people die in the streets” without this bill.

What does green energy have to do with getting money to the people who lost their jobs? Why can’t they do a line item veto with this bill and cross out every single pork barrel project?

By the way New Yorkers, tell Cuomo and De Blasio to shut up and stop using this crisis to politicize their liberal socialist agenda. You whined and called President Donald Trump a racist when he said to close your borders. The fact that New York is No. 1 in flu cases can be laid exactly at the feet of both of these clowns. California is not without blame; close the border.

Hey Bill Maher, you are despicable when you hope for a destroyed economy in order to get rid of Trump. What kind of person thinks that let alone wishes for it? Disgusting human being.

I pray for our country, and I pray for four more years as we will need a strong president to lead us out of the abyss we are falling into. My prayers are for our nation.

Diana Miller


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