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Re: 'An infrastructure program is what's needed' [Village News, Reardon letter, 8/12/20]

Mike Reardon railed at my discussion of the failures of “Obamacare,” the Holy Grail. He seems to have missed mentioning some of the most important points of my letter, namely blatant lies of former President Barack Obama that you could keep your doctor and your plan, and Jonathan Gruber’s laughing at how easily they “fooled” the American people with a health plan they knew would not work. Obviously, Mr. Reardon is one of their victims.

He mentions how many people “lost” coverage because President Donald Trump made “Obamacare” no longer mandatory. Hmm, how do you lose something because you have an option to opt out? The point is it was given to illegals and others while paid for by everyone who had to buy what they could no longer afford.

Let’s introduce a little logic here. Socialism, like Communism, aims for complete control of the people, with the erroneous assumption that the state is always smarter than the people. Socialism takes over slowly and incrementally like the Democrats; Communism does it quickly with violence and revolution like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The Democratic National Commitee backs both.

When self-righteous Europeans told me how screwed up America was because it wasn’t like Europe, I gave the same answer. I said you misunderstand that America was purposely created not to be like Europe. The U.S., unlike any other country, mandated the government answer to the people.

Mr. Reardon might have argued for monarchy like “all the rest of Europe has. Monarchs are blessed by God and always know best, right?

The modern socialist/communist has removed God, now the State is God. Failures of socialism/communism are historically long and widespread: Russia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Cuba and England as a shadow of its past. China suddenly became rich when it introduced Capitalism into its Communism, surprise.

All of South and Central America is socialist or communist. Yet they are all starving, poor and unhappy. They all seem to want to come to the screwed-up capitalist country for over 100 years. Why?

Yes, FDR was a big socialist, and his lovely wife was just left of Stalin.

Kruschev said, “We will give you a little socialism every day, till one day you wake up and have communism.”

Sounds like the DNC? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said no one can fly anymore.

Democrats said no police. Are these the people you will trust to be smarter than you?

FDR couldn’t fix the Depression with socialism in over 14 years? Think about it. Trump had our economy roaring after Obama in less than one year.

The health insurance game is a joke. Round and round it goes. Who should pay the outrageous bills our “health care professionals” come up with? They gouge the insurance company, and the insurance company gouges you. The problem is the prices period.

They make it as complicated as possible with lots of paperwork that must paid for, and everybody blames everyone else for their “expenses.”

Should a policeman, fireman or lifeguard get $200,000 a year? Hey, they all “save lives.” How about all the soldiers protecting us?

No, Mr. Reardon, we have excellent leadership. The real problem is sore losers. Those that would obstruct, lie, spy, impeach, incarcerate and, yes, even kill to win all for the “Party.” Screw the people, screw the country, fidelity to the “Party,” just like good communists.

Read “Animal Farm” for a perfect understanding of communism and those that are “more equal” than others.

Joseph Schembri


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