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Times may be stressful, but we can survive


Last updated 8/20/2021 at 1:40pm

Julie Reeder


There is a lot of uncertainty and fear right now. There’s a lot to be confused about and there’s a lot to be angry about. In the middle of it all, I am encouraged that so many citizens are taking the time and interest to participate in local government. That is the silver lining, however we need to keep a level of civility.

Local city council and school board meetings have seen more participation than I’ve seen in a long time which I think is great. I would encourage everyone to remember to keep their cool, practice decorum and be respectful. It seems when people are fearful or they are feeling a loss of control, they act more aggressively, no matter what side they are on.

After watching the sometimes heated Aug. 10 Temecula City Council meeting I had to wonder why can’t we treat each other the way we want to be treated? Can’t we love others the way we love ourselves?

Can we all agree that we want what’s best for our kids, our schools, and our communities? And the best way to achieve this goal is by working together using calm, concise communication.

Don’t forget, when you have leaders who aren’t making the decisions you agree with, you can always vote someone else in their place. As registered voters we all have power to make necessary changes, putting the power to make a difference in our hands.

I understand that it doesn’t help that we are dealing with so much right now collectively and personally. Our citizens are dealing with COVID-19 and all of its variants, as well as the government responses including lockdowns and the loss of civil liberties, something that the courts are deciding on one by one. And yes, it takes some of those mavericks who are willing to speak out against those infringements on our constitutionally protected rights and file those lawsuits on behalf of the community. Thank God for those people.

In addition to the aforementioned issues, we are dealing with the loss of 30% of our small businesses that have been shuttered permanently because of government policies and shutdowns due to COVID-19. The ones that are still in business are dealing with a shortage of workers because, again, government policy has encouraged employees to stay home for nearly what they made while working.

We are negotiating and figuring out important questions regarding the ownership and control of our own bodies, our civil liberties, and those of our employees and students.

The businesses that we poured our lives and assets into, the ones that are still open, are seeing the local teacher and classified unions negotiating and receiving more raises and bonuses. I understand that the union’s job is to constantly be in negotiations for more, but honestly, could they at least wait until the business community is not reeling and fighting to survive?

Then Critical Race Theory continues to be an open debate, whether it’s called Ethnic Studies or Equity and Diversity policies. That is a debate that will continue for a while, so again, I would encourage everyone to keep your cool for the long haul.

In addition we have national politicians who have politicized what seems like everything. It’s not acceptable anymore to have a differing opinion, it’s considered dangerous if you don’t go along with the status quo and strange ideologies seem to have won the day, but it’s not over.

Everyone is just waking up. Don’t feel discouraged or defeated.

Now the president and his seemingly inept generals are so concerned with making everything “woke” that they are not concentrating enough on military and defense issues. Afghanistan is a disaster and now China feels emboldened to mobilize warships and jet fighters and make demands on the U.S. regarding Taiwan.

The Republicans are starting the process to impeach Biden, and the Democrats are discussing the 25th Amendment to remove President Biden.

Yes, we are in uncertain times. But we can get through this. Our hope was never in the government. Our hope is in God and in each other. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Let’s keep our cool, and love our neighbors as we love ourselves (especially if we don’t agree with them) and continue to stay involved and participate.

We can absolutely do this and be stronger for it!


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